Food security and the contribution of wild foods to diets, nutrition at three villages of Sinharaja Forest in Sri Lanka

Data from Ratnapura district adjacent to Sinharaja forest, southwest Sri Lanka (rural). Agro-ecological zone is Tropics, lowland, farming system is rice based. Food composition tables used are Database of Wayamba University, Sri Lanka and Indian food composition table.
Food and drink intake was assessed using a 1 day 24 hour recall, portion sizes were assessed using pictures. Database of Wayamba University, Sri Lanka (Thamilini J, Silva K, Sirasa M, & Samarasinghe W (2016) Food composition data in Sri Lanka: Past, present and future. in 11th international food data conference “Food composition and public health nutrition” (Hyderabad, India), pp S1-P33.) and the Indian food composition table (Gopalan C, Rama Sastri B, Balasubramanian, & S (1982) Nutritive Value of Indian Foods. (New Delhi, India), p 204.). Herbarium specimens were collected and identified using local floral references Assanayake MD (2003) A revised handbook to the flora of Ceylon. (Zeitltlinger publishers, New Zealand) and Ashton M, Gunatilleke S, Zoysa N, & M.D D (1997) A field guide to the common trees and shrubs of Sri Lanka. in Wild life Heritage Trust publications (Colombo).