Biodiversity and complementary feeding practices of children in the north west region of Viet Nam

Quantitative 24hour recall Data, for Thai minority ethnic women and children aged 12-24 months old. Data from Mai son district, North West Vietnam (rural) agro ecological zone is Tropics highland, cool, with a farming system that is Highland intensive mixed. Food composition tables used are Vietnam and ASEAN (refs: National Institute of Nutrition (1972) Food products in Vietnam: composition and nutritive value. (Hanoi, Vietnam)./ Institute of Nutrition MU (2014) ASEAN Food Composition Database, Electronic version 1. (Thailand) Species were defined using a local ethnobiologist in collaboration with the head of agriculture extension provided data for missing or unknown species.
Interactive 24 hour dietary recall (with a repeat on 2 non-consecutive days for a subsample) of a woman of reproductive age and a child between 12-23 months of age per selected household. This is repeated in two season: lean and abundant to capture seasonal dietary variations. Information on the species and variety of foods consumed, and their source was included. Full information available in the protocol