Surveillance and early warning systems for climate sensitive diseases in Vietnam and Laos (PestForecast)

A warmer, wetter world is likely to be sicker. The Mekong is a hotspot for human, animal and plant disease and some of the most important are highly sensitive to climate and climate changes. These diseases impose enormous burdens on human health and the agricultural sector and hinder broader development. Better tackling climate sensitive disease requires better information and tools. The projected identified a portfolio of climate-based information systems that target important diseases and are used successfully in other countries. Action research was implemented to adapt these tools for Vietnam and ensuring delivery through partnerships. The outcome is farming communities are able to take practical action to reduce disease risk and/or benefit from risk-mitigating action by health providers. The impacts were better health, reduced economic loss from disease, increased food security, and ecosystems protected from disease spillover and misuse of agricultural chemicals.