Replication data for: Demand of high quality seed in Ecuador

The use of high quality seed is one of the current strategies to increase seed and food security in the highlands of Ecuador. Unfortunately, poor information about farmers’ demand of high quality seed limits the implementation of this strategy. For this reason, this study aimed to investigate the characteristics of the demand of high quality seed in the country. To do this, 150 potato producers were surveyed using the rapid market assessment in five Ecuadorian provinces: Cañar, Carchi, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, and Tungurahua (data in “survey_answers1” and “survey_answers2” sheet). Also, 13 interviews were carried out with experts that are involved in the seed value chain (data in the sheets referring to interviews and in the report associated to this study).

Dataset for: A potato seed system from CONPAPA, a consortium of small potato producers in Tungurahua Ecuador

This contains potato seed system data collected for a network analysis. It is from CONPAPA, a consortium of small potato producers in Tungurahua Ecuador. It documents the movement of potato seed, and potato product for several potato varieties. Information is from 48 farmers, and documents stakeholders involved in the seed system, and in the buying and selling of potatoes for food. Data are anonymized to protect the identities of the participants. In addition, the data documents the farmers’ main sources of information for integrated pest management. Data was collected in November 2015, but documents information from several planting seasons.