MYCulture Project – Myanmar

In 2015, WorldFish (WF) was funded by LIFT to implement the “Promoting the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Myanmar to improve food security and incomes for communities in the Ayeyarwady Delta and Central Dry Zone” (MYCulture project). The project aims at testing, identifying and scaling up suitable aquaculture technologies for rural stakeholders in the Ayeyarwady Delta (hereafter referred to as Delta) and three regions of the Central Dry Zone (CDZ) (Magway, Sagaing and Mandalay). The MYCulture project targets primarily smallholders who have the potential to “step-up” to become commercial smallholders; it secondarily targets the development of nutrition-sensitive interventions for subsistence farmers.
MYCulture is organized around two phases: a LEARNING phase during which 1,000 farmers will pilot test a combination of low-cost freshwater aquaculture technologies; and a SCALING phase during which promising technologies will be scaled-up over an additional 4,000 farmers. The target beneficiary group thereby includes rural farmers who have an interest in and may be able to participate in small-scale aquaculture (SSA) development in these regions, either in the learning or scaling phases. The project is expected to benefit these 5000 households through improved consumption of nutrient rich foods (fish and vegetables) and/or an increase in income by 10%. An additional 5,000 households are anticipated to indirectly benefit through knowledge sharing of aquaculture production systems by 2018, for a total impact of 10,000 households in the two regions.